About Us

ray-belfordFirst Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) welcomes all visitors and our membership is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as God’s Son and our Savior.

We do not have creeds or litmus tests that you must pass to be accepted here. Over our history we have adhered to this simple creed of our denomination—“No creed, but Christ.”

We believe that God, through the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures, speaks to us and calls us as individuals into His Kingdom.

Within our church you will find great diversity which we embrace. You will find Christians who express their faith over the entire spectrum from conservative to liberal with most falling somewhere in between. A high percentage of our members have come from varied denominational backgrounds and traditions. Yet, with a continued focus on Jesus Christ and His love and grace, we find common ground.

We believe this is true Christian unity where people with different views can come together in community.

We believe all members have been called by God to use their individual gifts in serving others and spreading the love of Christ to the world. We encourage involvement in the life and ministry of the church, and service and charitable involvement in our community, nation, and world.

In our church and denomination, women are eligible to serve in all capacities of leadership, including serving as elders and deacons. We also believe in ordination and commissioning of women as pastors and ministers. The Oklahoma Region of the Disciples of Christ also provides ordination of those who are gay and lesbian.

We’d love for you to make First Christian your place of worship and service to Christ.

For more information on the Disciples of Christ denomination, use the link provided to www.disciples.org.

The Rev. Ray Belford
Senior Pastor